Auxiliary Services

Synergies offering real rewards

Complimenting our daily cleaning service, we can implement a comprehensive range of auxiliary services within our Clients premises that synergise seamlessly offering added value and substantial cost saving efficiencies.

By giving you a "one stop shop" we can ensure service expertise, reduce your supplier base, take the headache out of managing different suppliers and offer real benefit in freeing up your own valuable management time.

Whether it is the provision of washroom services, providing toilet rolls and other paper based consumable products, matting solutions, pest control, electrical services or tiling and flooring solutions, bespoke have the answer.

Washroom Services

Your toilet talks volumes, adopt our complete washroom solution

Ensuring your washrooms remain hygienically clean not only impacts on the day to day working life of your employees but has a significant bearing on the wider environment. As more Companies become aware of their Corporate responsibility in relation to the Health & Safety of their building users, being committed to compliance in all aspects of workplace management is essential. Therefore, ensuring hygienically clean and efficiently managed washrooms is at the forefront of modern day business practises.

Working with our service provider, bespoke will provide a complete washroom solution. Whether you are a large multi-national or small independent business, we aim to provide the best quality washroom and waste disposal services satisfying your individual needs. Our expert management teams are on hand to assist you in choosing the correct products and systems, offering advice and working with you to reduce your CO2 emissions by using water-management systems.

Our washroom & healthcare partner is committed to reducing the impact its operations and the waste our Clients have on the environment and have in place a carbon reduction programme including a single vehicle/multi service approach where one vehicle and one service operative can service all of your requirements. They also operate their own Waste Transfer Station enabling them to manage Client waste at their own facility prior to onward disposal.

Consumable & Janitorial Products

Never run short - A complete managed solution for your consumable and janitorial needs

Ever dreamt of having all your consumable, soaps and paper based products managed for you?

  • Any product range, no matter how diverse
  • A product range to fit your budget
  • New and efficient dispensing systems throughout all of your buildings
  • Daily replenishment so you never run out of products
  • Diarised deliveries direct to site
  • Managed stock control

Well, "no need to dream" because bespoke can offer you a completely seamless managed solution. From product conception to dispenser installation, diarised ordering to delivery of product and on-site control of stock including daily replenishment, our package will be tailor made to suit your individual requirements. Our expert surveyors will visit your premises, undertake a thorough survey and compile a manged solution for your consideration.

Our janitorial house and consumable suppliers are endorsed by the CHSA. We have developed long and valuable relationships over many years negotiating attractive cost solutions and preferential rates for our Clients. Whether it is high end leading brands or products from our more cost-effective "alternative range", bespoke can find a suitable product range to fit your budget. If an emergency occurs we can deliver within 24 hours direct to site minimising disruption and ensuring your employees working day is not affected.

Our paper products are environmentally friendly and are recycled or of a sustainable nature. We continue to place massive importance on achieving greater sustainability, both in product choice and management processes with a view of reducing waste and optimising efficiencies both for our Clients and our own organisation.

Matting Solutions

You only get one chance to make a first impression - A thoughtful matting strategy can enhance your brand awareness as well as ensuring a safe working environment

By adopting a professional matting "strategy" you can ensure that the Health & Safety of your employees is increased, excessive dirt and grime entering your premises is reduced and your brand identity is greatly enhanced.

We can help you develop cost effective matting solutions to:

  • Increase Brand Identity by implementing logo mats at key position points.
  • Increase the safety of your workforce by using workforce matting such as anti-fatigue and slip-resistant mats in high risk areas.
  • Decrease unwanted Dirt & Grime from entering and being trafficked through your buildings by adopting entrance matting systems in aluminium, carpet or PVC tiled.

Many of the entrance matting solutions we provide are environmentally friendly, incorporate recycled materials in their manufacture and deliver heavy duty wear resistance as well as stylish designs. Logo mats allow you to present your company's brand logo and/or key messaging ensuring visitors leave with a positive and memorable impression. Our workplace range is suitable for diverse working environments including automotive, manufacturing, engineering, food processing, aerospace, distribution, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and hospitality. All matting can be purchased outright or be laundered and replaced on an agreed replacement cycle which ever best suits your business needs.

Pest Control

Having a pest problem can be a real headache - A professional and targeted approach is just what the doctor ordered

Having a pest problem can be a real nuisance to your workforce, impacting greatly on the wellbeing of your employees and having a detrimental effect on production and efficiency within your business.

Therefore, an immediate professional approach is required to alleviate the problem and wherever possible put in an ongoing treatment programme to reduce the chance of further occurrences. At bespoke we work in tandem with our pest control partner to offer a rapid solution wherever you are located within the UK.

Our strong nationwide approach ensures we have local technicians based close to you who in most cases will be on site within 24 hours to assess your pest problems and offer a workable solution. Local pest technicians are highly trained and certificated pest controllers and are experts in pest control and property care. Our pest control partner has a range of unique, innovative, non-toxic solutions to control pest activity and provide on-going protection.

Pests require different solutions to eliminate and control them and this depends on the location and size of the infestation and the species involved. Our teams can offer solutions in tackling the following pests:

  • Seasonal Pests – Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, moths and wasps
  • Crawling Insects – Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, silverfish and woodworm
  • Flying Insects – Flies, moths, mosquitos & midges and wasps
  • Rodents & Others – Birds, mice, moles, rats, stored product insects, snakes, textile pests and other wildlife management

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