Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading from the front

As a leading supplier within our industry, we recognise our responsibility to be socially accountable to our workforce, our clients’ and the public.

We continue to adopt a rigorous progression approach in all that we do especially where our business model may have an impact on the environment, the economy and the local community. As part of our company ethos of being ‘infinitely better’ we continue to make strides to achieve a ‘carbon neutral’ status with a timeline of carbon neutrality by 2026.

Achievable sustainability targets are the only ones that matter

By targeting the end of 2026 for carbon neutrality within bespokes premises and vehicle fleet, we have placed a clear marker in the sand in the knowledge that our commitment is realistic and achievable.

Our senior management team meet on a quarterly basis to discuss progress, new initiatives and future planning strategies with a collective aim of achieving this goal. Having implemented and now regularly revisiting our ‘sustainability plan’ ensures continued conformity and progress towards our end goal.

Regular updates are posted on our social media platforms and website news page to inform readers of our progress and continued initiatives in achieving our sustainability goals.

A day in the life of Brian Ramsay, bespoke’s new Operations & HSEQ Director

Being a completely new position within bespoke, I am thrilled to have been given the role of HSEQ Director which encompasses the environmental and sustainability aspects of how bespoke manage their business on a daily basis.

I will be putting in the miles travelling the Country, ensuring conformity on our sites and giving talks to our staff on bespokes role in protecting the environment and pushing forward our sustainability model.

Also dealing with suppliers and service partners, it is my intention to ensure that everybody that bespoke works with adopts the same green and sustainable approach to how they work when engaged in bespoke activities.

I can liaise with other environmental & sustainability professionals within our clients’ organisations to share best practice and to work together to ensure that we are all sharing the common goal of becoming a more sustainable society.

bespoke are ESOS compliant through to Phase 1 & 2 and I will be taking us through Phase 3 in 2022 to ensure our head office function is as energy efficient as we can be.  We are also working towards gaining accreditation with ‘The Green Organisation’ and ‘The Carbon Trust’ in 2022 and I will manage us through these processes. This will ensure that we are moving towards our sustainability targets and working closer to being able to operate on a Net Zero basis and becoming a greener business gaining carbon neutrality by 2026.

Let’s Innovate and really make a difference

We are not re-inventing the wheel but finding and using the very latest advancements in technology and cleaning science to improve our sustainability model. From reducing chemicals, packaging and delivery journeys to using robotics with advanced water recycling intelligence, bespoke are leading the way forward in becoming an ‘infinitely better’ company in protecting our environment and improving our sustainability model.

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We are helping our ocean’s to recover – bespoke is proud to support SeaGrown

As a supporter of SeaGrown, bespoke is helping a pioneering new project to grow sustainable, carbon rich seaweed in the cold waters off the beautiful Yorkshire coast.

Growing seaweed in this offshore setting gives us the chance to help the oceans recover and mitigate the climate crisis.

At the same time as absorbing tons of carbon, seaweed releases oxygen into the surrounding water, uses up other excess nutrients and creates new habitats allowing marine life such as fish, mammals and birds to flourish.

The seaweed that is grown is used to sustainably manufacture products like biodegradable plastics, bio-chemicals, natural food additives, textiles, fertilisers and of course as a highly nutritious food source for our growing population.

Interested in becoming a SeaGrown supporter? Visit them on

Our views on sustainability

Jackie Woodall - Managing Director
“As the Managing Director of bespoke, I see my role as leading from the front and I am more than passionate about putting sustainability and protecting the environment as the top priority within bespoke.
Having the travel bug from a very early age, I have been lucky enough to travel the world and to see some truly breath taking and amazing sights. I worry about my children’s and grandchildren’s futures as our environment is threatened by global warming and an increasing population and want them to be able to experience what I have in the next 50 years and beyond.
I am determined that our company does its bit in tackling these issues head on and will drive our sustainability ethos forward in achieving carbon neutrality by 2026”
Charlene Moore - Office Manager
"Behavioural change is needed to make impactful climate solutions and there must be strength in numbers. Personally, I’m plant-based and try wherever I can to be sustainable at home. As an Office Manager my mission is to reduce our carbon footprint – Do we really need to print ‘that’ document?
We have converted as many paper-based documents to digital format to cut-out the paperwork created by ensuring the correct operations for a cleaning contract. One ream of paper (500 sheets) will use 5% of a 45ft x 8” diameter tree trunk. In a quiet month we create an average of 2000 digital forms. Clearly to continue to make the business fully digital is essential and I am passionate to achieve this by our carbon neutral goal of 2026’’
Brian Ramsay - Operations & HSEQ Director
“As a keen surfer and cyclist, I spend a lot of my free time in the outdoor environment and am often appalled at the amount of waste and litter that I see around our country.
From sewage spills and plastic waste in the ocean where I surf, to litter and fly tipping around the country lanes where I ride my bike, all have the potential to damage our environment and ruin my day, which makes me both sad and angry.
This is why when I was asked to take on the new role of HSEQ Director at bespoke I jumped at the chance, the chance to make a difference in some small way at work really appealed to me’’
Jackie Janisch - Training Facilitator
‘’I am passionate about trying to find ways to live my life in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. I believe that each small step I take will inevitably lead to big changes.
I eat a plant-based diet which I believe is better for me and also the environment. I try as much as possible to purchase from local suppliers to not only support them but to cut down on the carbon footprint caused by transportation. I try to buy loose fruit and vegetables to cut down on single use plastic and although I recycle any plastic that cannot be re-purposed (for example to store food instead of buying plastic storage solutions). I am very conscious that not all plastic is being recycled in the proper way, a lot of it ending up in the ocean and in third world countries. I never use plastic bags when shopping and I am trying all the time to find new ways to transition to plastic free living.
I avoid buying clothes from fast fashion outlets and instead purchase quality, sustainable and ethical products. I recycle clothes that are no longer needed by taking them to charity shops and I am also trying to have a more minimalist, capsule wardrobe. The cosmetics, body creams and cleaning products I purchase are all cruelty free and wherever possible vegan. I believe that by finding solutions that are in tune with nature we are also taking care of our own wellbeing.
In short, I want to live a meaningful life which is good for me and my family with as little of an impact on the environment as possible’’
Karen Allison - Sales Director
‘’We are all increasingly conscious about environmental issues especially within the cleaning industry. I am proud of the steps bespoke are taking to become carbon neutral and helping our clients to reduce their carbon footprint’’
Carole Spicer - Operations Director
‘’Being a senior manager at bespoke since the very start, I have seen over the years how important sustainability has become and how all of us at bespoke can play our own part, both at work and in our personal lives.
I recycle cardboard, plastics, cans, and bottles with any unwanted clothes being taken to our local charity shops for resale or recycling.
Whatever site I visit, I always check our stores cupboards to ensure recycling procedures are in place and the absolute minimum product reaches land fill’’
Mark Collins - Telesales Coordinator
“I am passionate about the environment, and it is with pride that I work for a company with the driving ambition to become the most sustainable commercial cleaning company in the UK by the end of 2026. Their goals focus on utilising the most sustainable product, whilst protecting our planet and supporting our people in all that we do”
Leslie Nortcliff - Regional Director
‘’’I recycle everything that I can at home. We have recycling for paper, cardboard, glass and plastics and I also collect food waste for a friend that has an allotment and wants it for compost.
Any old clothes we have are recycled or taken to local cancer charity shops. When buying goods, I try to use shops that sell herbs and spices into their own containers which are recyclable or biodegradable. Also, I actively use the Body Shop which will re-use tubs that held toiletries. With lockdown I haven’t done this for a while but with restrictions easing and us getting back to normal, I will definitely start again. We all must play our part, however small in protecting our planet’’

Diversity within bespoke

From 6th April 2017 employers in Great Britain with more than 250 staff are required to publish their gender pay gap information, covering pay and bonuses.

Percentage of men and women in each hourly pay quarter


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Lower middle hourly pay quarter



Lower hourly pay quarter




Mean and Median gender pay gap using hourly pay






Mean gender pay gap using hourly pay



Median gender pay gap using hourly pay




Percentage of men and women who received bonus pay







Mean Gender pay gap using bonus pay



Median Gender pay gap using bonus pay


I confirm that the data reported is accurate.

Anna Symes
Personnel Director