‘We have been a leader in innovation from the very start’

In our continual pursuit of being ‘infinitely better’ we have had to be at the forefront of innovation within our industry.

Being the first company to create its-own auditing and monitoring system using tablet technology to being one of the first companies to develop a client and employee portal, bespoke has always endeavored to lead the way in innovative ideas by exploring and continually pushing boundaries.

Now 20 years on from our inception, we continue to drive forwards in searching for new ideas and technology to improve service delivery and increase sustainability in an ever-changing world.

Making our business more efficient with mobile data collection

We are now 5 years on from first exploring data capture and converting paper-based documents into digital forms.

By using an App platform designed by our IT guidance and systems development partner, all forms used by our management teams, both on-site and on the road are now digitally produced. Any of the 50+ forms are completed electronically on any mobile device including lap-tops, tablets and mobile phones then sent to our head office ‘Action Desk’ facility thus streamlining communication, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

We now have over 50 digital forms that are used to capture data including starter forms, employee contract changes and holiday request forms for our employees, consumable and materials ordering forms for our purchasing team and periodic clean and job tasks for our specialist services team.

In fact, we are now completely digital based with no paper driven copies of any form used by our area management teams. Forms are easily uploaded to our portal offering clients’ and employees real time viewing of essential documents that are held safely and securely ensuring complete conformity to GDPR regulations.

Every working minute counts!

With all new cleaning contracts having to maximise productivity and efficiency to be competitive, ensuring that all contracted hours are worked is imperative both in achieving a clean building and providing a first-class service.

Although a shortfall in hours can be managed on the odd occasion, continual working on reduced hours through non-attendance is both counter-productive and morale sapping for our teams.

In conjunction with our IT development partner, we have now created our own unique face recognition time & attendance system using a tablet and mobile phone operating system.

All operatives’ times of work are recorded to the second when they commence and finish their cleaning shifts by using either a wall mounted tablet or mobile phone (for smaller sites). The times are recorded digitally by a face recognition system on the platform completely nullifying any false data input or inaccurate timings. This data is then digitally linked to our payroll system for compiling of wages by our payroll team.

The time & attendance system can generate a plethora of reports for analysis including worked hours, sick leave, absenteeism and holiday entitlement either by operative, cleaning team or site. This data can be used in compiling information reports for our clients’ or used as part of our return to work interviews when our operatives have had excessive absenteeism.

‘To Infinity & Beyond’ - Meet ‘Jonny 5’ our ground-breaking robotic cleaning machine

Having purchased our first fully automated robotic floor cleaning machine, bespoke are looking to further increase our development of robotic technology.

From ‘bot’ vacuums’ to automated sweepers and scrubber driers, robotic cleaning is not a thing for the future but is with us here and now. With massive advancements in technology, robotic cleaning machines are super reliable and can undertake regular repetitive cleaning tasks freeing up our staff to undertake essential cleaning such as sanitising, disinfecting and ‘touch point’ cleaning.

Our first large scale machine, a robotic scrubber drier has been utilised within our largest college within the West Midlands. Affectionately named ‘Jonny 5’ by our site team, the machine has been programmed to clean the sports hall on a daily basis and large corridors, walkways and dining facilities during non-term time as part of our periodic cleaning programme.

The machine’s running time is 3 to 3.5 hours without charging and recycles dirty water through an advanced filtration system back into the clean water tank reducing water capacity by 80%. This allows operative free cleaning for this time massively increasing productivity and utilising our on-site team more effectively.

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Cleaning more efficiently without chemical intervention

We can now demonstrate an ‘infinitely better’ cleaning regime having invested in our advanced non-chemical cleaning system. With a swab testing facility to prove massively reduced bacteria counts when measured against standard chemical cleaning systems, our data is available as tangible evidence that bespoke are creating an infinitely better and cleaner working environment.

Just by adding water our system creates aqueous ozone which is one of nature’s strongest cleaning agents. A natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser, aqueous ozone is more powerful than bleach but completely safe to use on all surfaces.

Being EPA and GRAS approved it can be used in most environments and completely eliminates the use of manufactured cleaning agents in areas where used. In line with our sustainability ethos and carbon neutrality drive, the system reduces single-use plastics, waste-to-landfill, delivery journeys and CO2 emissions.

In our largest college alone we have calculated that the system will eliminate 1,000 plastic containers over the first 12 months of use.